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The streets of Hollywood can be a mean and tough place for our temporarily homeless youth to survive life on their own without a loving family or sense of community.  The streets can be a very dark place filled with drugs, prostitution, and violence.  With over 4,000 homeless youth on the streets of Hollywood every night, L.O.V.E. Foundation is committed to bringing awareness, light, and love into the streets of Hollywood so that our youth may feel a sense of hope and faith.

Legion of Love is our community of love we have created to unite all organizations - nonprofit organizations, corporations, businesses, church organizations, community leaders, politicians, and individuals.  As we take a united stand for love for our youth, the collective impact we make in transforming the homeless youth situation in our city of Los Angeles is POWERFUL.  We stand for love, hope, community, and faith for our youth.  Please join us in our pledge for love for our youth.  By becoming a member of Legion of Love, your membership assists us in having a presence of unconditional love for our youth through our live events and workshops.