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Our Goal is to create an accessible and kinetic space where the joy of music and the pursuit of talent can be fulfilled for youth up and down the California coast; to serve communities AND HOMELESS YOUTH that otherwise would lack such access to musical resources and technology to follow their dreams.

In the fall of 2016, L.O.V.E. Foundation began producing Brhitney William's original song LOVE IS ALIVE.  The song will be released in the summer of 2017.  Ms. Williams, the leader singer for the Covenant House Rhythm and Blues Band, first performed at our 'Love is Alive' BBQ event in September 2105.  She was so moved by the event that she wrote a powerful original song based upon the day.  In addition to Brhitney, again and again through the course of our workshops and events, we meet disenfranchised youth who have been stripped of their voices through years of neglect and abuse.  These kids have powerful and talented voices that yearn to be heard.  Inspired by our amazing youth that we serve, L.O.V.E Foundation will open a recording studio in 2017 in the Hollywood area so that we may continue to record the original works of our youth, creating a platform for them to be heard, valued, and appreciated.  

Inspired by John Lennon's Educational Tour Bus, L.O.V.E Foundation is desiring to create a mobile studio that we can take on the road in addition to our studio located in Hollywood.  Our mobile studio, Project LOVE Bus aims to be a mobile music haven for the creation of sound in the hands of kids with big talent and big dreams. We want to bring the power of music and music production to the heart of the inner cities where our youth are suffering the most.  We can bring life, love, and peace to those adolescents so in need of hope and inspiration through the sweet rhythms of song.  Our first adventure will be this summer 2017 in which we will travel the coast from LA to the Bay, filming a music video for our official L.O.V.E. Foundation song, LOVE IS ALIVE as written by Brhitney Williams to shine a spotlight on undiscovered talent within the youth communities we are dedicated to empowering.

We have big ideas for our recording studio and Project LOVE Bus! In Hollywood we are surrounded by talented support from recording studios, producers, video directors, and more. If you would like to get involved by contributing talents, resources, technology, equipment or funds, please contact us.  Let's get this show on the road, together!