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2016 in Review

We are so honored and privileged to serve our Hollywood community by creating so many impactful service projects and workshops for our disenfranchised youth and the community at large in 2016. 

Our resource and referral events in 2106 were a huge success.  Our annual Thanksgiving Love Feast served over 800 meals for the Hollywood community and our temporarily homeless youth.  This event serves as a building block for community and family.  With our partners H.B. Barnum and The Life Choir and the Office of Councilman Mitch O'Farrell, spearheaded by our H.B.I.C. Cindy Ramsey, we were able to anchor love and fellowship for all those in attendance. Along with live performances of the The Life Choir, Heather Powers, and DJ Michael Powers.

Our annual 'LOVE IS ALIVE BBQ' in June again saw us serve over 250 temporarily homeless youth with a celebration of life and love.  We served over 300 hamburgers and hot dogs for the event and had a slew of live entreatment - DJ Robert Gonzalez and the powerful artist Heather Powers. A beautiful day celebrating our youth and providing for a resource of stability and hope for their lives.

April's street cleanup and street store made a huge impact on the lives of our temporarily homeless youth and adults.  Our presence in the community brought awareness to the homeless epidemic that is taking place in our community.

Throughout the year, we produced powerful workshops for our temporarily homeless youth that forevermore transformed their lives through awareness and education.